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Pvt Ltd is based in the pharmaceutical hub, Hyderabad, India and is in the business of manufacturing of organic chemicals and intermediates for R & D, scale up & production to pharmaceutical and other industries. Apart from a product list of over 1,000 products which we can supply from stock or at. short notice through synthesis on order we also support with custom synthesis and product development from multi grams for R & D to commercial levels.


To ease supply chain hurdles for companies looking for organic chemicals and intermediates, globally.


To ease supply chain hurdles for companies looking for organic chemicals and intermediates, globally.

Over 2 decades of global experience. A database of products and suppliers that can match the best. (Updated every day by a team in the backend)

Katalog - Less Search.More Research

Less search more research : 1,000+ chemicals, over 50% in pre-packs for efficient product development and production


Your extended sourcing team : Sourcing high quality chemicals from a global list of approved suppliers.


In-house R&D lab and pilot plant for cutting-edge product development, partnered with certified production facilities for commercialisation


Gateway to the global market : We help small manufacturers looking to reach out with their products to the vast global market.

Samith Bajaj

Samith Bajaj is Managing Director of KEMYSTERY Chemicals Pvt Ltd, India & Director at bioKEMIX Ltd, UK which are part of the KEMYSTERY Global Enterprise. A professional with expertise in customer acquisition and product development He has an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps him motivated to enter into new business ventures. A business strategist, he believes in giving his best to every job. He believes in supporting social causes is an expert in handling end to end supply chain, business development & Sales management.

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